Allied Bonded Insurance Bond Application

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Arizona Notary Public Reference Manual

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Notary Resignation, Revocation, Non-Renewal or Death of a Notary

Allied Bonded Insurance Bond Application:

Please click here to complete the Allied Bonded Notary Application.

The information on the application is required to prepare your bond:

  1. Please print your name as you wish your notary commission to read and how you will be signing when you notarize something;
  2. Provide your physical home address and your business address;
  3. Provide a home phone and business phone number;
  4. Comission name and expiration date.

Please print, sign, date the application, complete the order form, and mail, email or fax your application and order form to:

Allied Bonded Insurance LLC
P.O. Box 14094
Scottsdale, AZ 85267
Fax: (602) 494-3365

Address/Name Change Form:

To notify the Secretary of State of an address or name change, you must complete the Address/Name Change Form and fax or mail it by certified mail to the Secretary of State. Keep a copy of your fax confirmation or certified mail return receipt for your records. Notification must be made within 30 days of the address or name change. Failure to notify the Secretary of State is evidence of the notary’s failure to fully and faithfully discharge the duties of a notary public.

Address Changes must be made prior to renewing your notary commission.  Failure to do so may result in a civil penalty of $25 payable to the Secretary of State at the time of renewal. 

Arizona Notary Public Reference Manual(PDF):

This manual is periodically updated by the state, so occasionally check for an updated version.

Frequently Asked Questions Link:

This link will provide you with a Q & A format of commonly asked questions.

Workshop Link:

The Secretary of State provides free notary workshops in various parts of the State.  Check this link to sign up for a workshop or call the Secretary of State at 602 542-4758.

Notary Resignation, Revocation. Non-Renewal or Death of Notary:

Click here for resignation information.

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